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Purchasing the best insulation option for your home can be a big decision. At our Insulation Design Center, our team can explain the benefits of different insulation types, such as spray foam, fiberglass foam, and cellulose foam, and help you understand the differences between them. Come see, feel, and learn the aspects of each in our Ashland storefront. Our team is happy to help you determine which type is the best fit for your home.

Spray Foam – Spray foam is a polyurethane foam that is sprayed directly onto the walls and floor cavities of your home. Unlike other types of foam, it will never settle or sag. It is known for environmental friendliness and tighter seal than other insulations.

Fiberglass – This is the most common type of home insulation and comes in two forms: rolled batts or loose-fill. It is known for its great value, high r-value performance, and fire retardant capabilities.

Cellulose – Cellulose insulation is one of the best choices for environmentally-friendly insulation since it is made up almost entirely of recycled materials. It is known for having the highest R-value per inch and amazing moisture control.

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Creative Conservation

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Creative Conservation is a leader in the Charlottesville, Richmond and central Virginia area in providing foam and sprayed insulation systems. The cost of properly insulating a home can often be recouped in just a matter of years, with the benefits of insulation lasting much longer. Learn More