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Our Mission: To provide practical energy saving, earth friendly, and conservation products and services with a focus on education, art, and environmental responsibility.

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Our Story

In February of 2008, my world was turned up side down. After 8 years of working side by side with a pioneer of the energy conservation industry, my father, Tom Sprouse Sr., was gone. I was handed the keys to his dream- a company devoted to using innovative products and equipment to make significant reductions in residential and commercial utility use. Was I ready? Did I have enough experience? Had I surrounded myself with the right people?

The answer was yes. I was ready to move forward with my own ideas- building on his passion of "being able to insulate anything." I sought the guidance and advice of my sister, Tracie Eason. Her extensive retail experience and purchasing background helped us develop the foundation for a retail store. Along with a shared passion for energy conservation, we enjoy rain water collection, recycling, gardening, bird watching- just about any project that has to do with being outdoors. We like teaching our kids and others practical ways of saving money and taking care of our environment. We also like reflecting on the hundreds of projects that our company completes each year- assessing their impact on the community and beyond. We were given this earth as a gift- it is our’s to enjoy and our responsibility to take care of it.

- Thomas Bubba Sprouse

Creative Conservation

The industry leader for foam insulation in central Virginia

Creative Conservation is a leader in the Charlottesville, Richmond and central Virginia area in providing foam and sprayed insulation systems. The cost of properly insulating a home can often be recouped in just a matter of years, with the benefits of insulation lasting much longer. Learn More